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For your benefit we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions. Should you require any further information or if you have a question that is not addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

When Somebody Dies
It is important to contact the Doctor involved without delay. If the doctor is satisfied as to the cause of death, he or she will issue the Death Certificate. However, if the doctor is not satisfied as to the cause of death, he/she may consult the local Coroner, who then decides if a Post Mortem is required.
Arrangements then have to be made with the Pathologist as to when this can take place. All sudden deaths, accidents etc., are, by law subject to a Coroner Post Mortem.

Selecting A Coffin or Casket
Our showrooms are stocked with a large selection of Coffins and Caskets.
We would invite families to come in and choose whatever they think appropriate for their loved one.
All are fully furnished and priced.
Alternatively, we have a brochure available, where all are illustrated in full colour.

View coffins or caskets

Removals can take place from the Funeral Home, Residence or Hospital.
Our Funeral Homes has space, seating, parking and is fully equipped to deal with all removals. It can be opened to the public or kept private - family only.
Some people like to have the traditional Wake at home. We would advise that the deceased is transferred first to our Funeral Home to be prepared properly - dressed, coffined - and then returned to the residence where it would remain until Removal time.
Many Hospitals have a Mortuary for Funeral use. However, most would have rules about times etc., and hospitals would have to be contacted first to arrange same. Most hospitals now insist on embalming. This would have to be done in our Funeral Home and then the body would be returned to the hospital mortuary

Flowers are a very personal choice and we recommend that families deal directly with the Florist to make this choice. All the local  Florists provide first class floral tributes and can create any special arrangement that you might require.
The Florist can deliver wreaths and arrangements directly to our Funeral Home if required.

Graves & Burial
If a family plot exists it should be used but proper identification is very important, as a grave cannot not be opened until sure of its owenership.
If a new plot is required, we can arrange same. Depending on the Cemetery or Graveyard involved there may not have new plots available, but we can advise of same as we have good knowledge of availability.

If you decide on cremation, we provide a cremation service in conjunction with the crematorium, usually Mount Jerome or Newlands.
We will arrange the booking, the service, and arrange all the necessary documentation.
The ashes are normally returned to us, or the family can arrange collection.
If desired we can subsequently arrange for burial of the ashes.

Post Funeral Hospitality
Many Hotels, Pubs, and Restaurants cater for Post Funeral Refreshments and they offer everything from Tea and Sandwiches to Full Dinner. We can advise and recommend places in all areas.

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